Friday, December 7, 2012

This Ford Mustang GT is worthy of respect

This review originally appeared in the November 2012 edition of the Northern & Central California Cruisin’ News published out of Folsom, California – mg

Sacramento, California Respect.  That’s what you get when you’re behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang GT, especially the freshened-for-2013 version.

Fellow motorists tend to scoot out of your way when they see the GT’s Carroll Shelby-inspired front end approaching from behind.  They’re less inclined to cut you off as well.

Getting out of the car typically prompted conversations with passersby.  Most were green with envy.  Even owners of older Mustangs shouted, “Hey, trade you.”

No, I think not.  I like this Mustang.  I was happy to enjoy every minute of my full week in the tester: a 2013 GT Premium Coupe with a base price of $34,300.

That’s still a pretty terrific price for getting 420 horsepower out of the classic 5.0-liter V-8.  That’s up 8 horsepower from last year – not much, but 420 is still a pretty high number.   The power plant also produces a low-throated growl that’s also worth the price of admission.

The vehicle looks so aggressive in profile that even the neighborhood kids gave me a little respect when I parked the tester in my driveway, as if to say: “Hey that old man can’t be all that bad if he’s driving a car like that.”

My favorite touch on the exterior was the incredible light show put on at the back end with the Mustang-classic three-and-three taillights.  Honestly, they light up at night like a gaudy Christmas tree when you hit the key fob.  Great to watch.

Inside, my tester had as bare bones a dashboard as I’ve ever seen.  I think this is the trade-off – good looks and big horsepower, but we’re not going to give you luxury interior accommodations.  OK, seems like a fair deal to me.

My Mustang was equipped with a pricey Shaker acoustic audio system, which Ford touts as delivering sound on a level close to a live performance.  Not sure it was at that level, but yeah, it kicked pretty well.

The GT handled all driving situations with sporty ease, and yes, it was fun to dispatch an annoying BMW driver or two who opted to challenge the 5.0 engine’s authority.  Please note: This is not a car you can pack generously for a long trip, but then again, the Mustang never really was meant for that.

Overall, this latest version of the Mustang GT continues to rock.  Respect that.

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